Please contact us if you would like more information on suitable marquees.

5M Square Marquee £350

Dimensions: 5m x 5m
Total area: 25sq m
Capacity: 25 persons seated

Suitable for small gardens

Hexagonal Marquee 1 £600

Dimensions: 8.6m x 10m
Total area: 65sq m
Capacity: 65 persons seated

Interior of the hexagonal marquee with drapes

Interior of the hexagonal marquee with drapes

Hexagonal Marquee 2 £600

Dimensions as above but with a Swiss Cheese effect throughout the ceiling.

Hoecker Clear Span Marquee

6m x 12m
9m x 9m
3m x 6m



Additional 5 x 5 marquees £315
Flooring £3.50 per square metre
LED mood effect lighting £200
Thermostatically controlled heater £200

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